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  1.2 pronunciation of letter combinations: ch, ll, rr, gu, gü


ch is pronounced in Spanish the same way as in English

chocolate = chocolate
chorizo = sausage


Then we have the ll, which is not a double LL but a soft sound that could be also written lj / ly. Caballo is pronounced cabalyo (cabaljo).

caballo = horse
cepillo = brush

qu, co, ca

The combinations of qu, co and ca are pronounced identically. The only thing that is to be kept in mind is that the Spanish qu, co and ca is not spoken like the English one letting a lot of air flow through the mouth. It is quieter. But then again it will not harm the understanding when doing so anyway.

hard English pronunciation
Spanish pronunciation

y with vocal

Is y without a vowel it means and, and it is pronounced like an y in baby (as we have seen). Is it in combination with a vowel it is identical with the English y in you, yard, yellow.

yeso = cast
yo = I

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