2.1exercise: conditional clauses
2.2 exercise: indefinido, imperfecto, pretérito perfecto
2.3 exercise: reported speech
2.4 exercise: consecutio temporum
2.5 exercise: get, become, turn
2.6 exercise: subjuntivo after conjunctions
2.7 exercise: subjuntivo after certain phrases
2.8 exercise: difference ser and estar
2.9 exercise: use of verbs like gustar and encantar
2.10 exercise: relative clauses
2.11 exercise: difference saber and poder
2.12 exercise: tener que or deber
2.13 exercise: interrogative pronouns
2.14 exercise: prepositions
2.15 exercise: conjunctions
2.16 exercise: direct and indirect object
2.17 exercise: personal pronouns
2.18 exercise: gerundio
2.19 exercise: hay or estar?
2.20exercise: passive voice with ser or estar
2.21 exercise: passive voice with reflexive pronouns
2.22 exercise: to leave
2.23 exercise: constructions with infinitive forms
2.24 exercise: adverb vs. verbal constructions

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