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Exercises for listening comprehension

 3.4.8 Songs with games

The files are very big as you can see from the red figures below. It takes a while loading them even with a very good internet connection. So, please be patient. The second time you want to listen to them, they will already be in your cache and it will take less time to load them.

01. A la zapatilla   326 KB
  02. Al corro de la patata   255 KB
  03. Al levantar una lancha 1251 KB
  04. Antonio piruelo   419 KB
  05. ¿Dónde están las llaves? 1201 KB
  06. El patio de mi casa   597 KB
  07. Gallineta ciega   205 KB
  08. La chata 1186 KB
  09. Quisiera ser tan alta 1120 KB