Exercises Level 3: Songs with games

  El patio de mi casa - Songs with games


The children stand in a circle and hold each other's hands. In the middle there is a child that was chosen beforehand. They go in a circle around the child and sing the song. When they sing "bend down", all cower down, "because the bended cannot dance", all continue to dance. They sing on and sing and dance and hodl each others hands with the arms wide spread.

Spanish  Text English Text
El patio de mi casa
The yard of my house

El patio de mi casa es particular,
Cuando llueve se moja como los demás.
y vuélvete a agachar
Que las agachaditas no saben bailar
H, i, j, k, l, m, n, a
Que si tú no me quieres
Otro amante me querrá
chocolate, molinillo, corre, corre, que te pillo
estirar, estirar que el demonio va pasar

The yard of my house is special
When it rains it gets wet like the others to
Bend down
and bend down again
'cause bended down you cannot dance.
H, i, j, k, m, n, a
if you do not like me
there will be another lover
chocolate, little mill, run, run, else I catch you
stretch, strech, the devil will run past.

  particular = special
  llover = to rain
  agacharse = to bend down
  volver = to return
  saber = to know
  bailar = to dance
  querer = to want, to love
  el chocolate = sie Schokolade
  estirar = to stretch wide
  pasar = to go past