Exercises Level 3: Songs with games

  A la zapatilla - Songs with games

The children sit in a circle and sing the song. Beforehand a child will be chose to run around the circle, when singing "mirar por arriba" they look up, when singing "mirar por abajo" they look down. When singing "a dormir, a dormir que vienen los Reyes Magos" they put the head on the feet and close the eyes, pretending to sleep. During the last verses the child running around the circle has put a shoe behind one of the children. Now the children check with closed eyes whether the shoe is behind them. The one, who finds the shoe tries to catch the one who has put it. The one who has put the shoe tries to take the seat of the one chasing him. The one, who first reaches his goal can sit down, the other one stays up with the shoe and the games starts all over.

Spanish  Text English Text
A la zapatilla
To the little shoe

A la zapatilla
por detrás,
tris, tras.
Ni la ves,
ni la verás,
tris, tras.
Mirar para arriba,
que caen judías.
Mirar para abajo,
que caen garbanzos.
A dormir, a dormir
que vienen los Reyes Magos.

To the little shoe
to behind
tris, tras.
You do not see it
and you will not see it
tris, tras.
Look above
beans fall down
Look down
peas fall down
Go to sleep, go to sleep
now the Three Magi are coming.

  la judía = bean
  el garbanzo = chickpea
  el zapato = shoe
  dormir = to sleep
  caer = to fall