4.3 Fusion of article and preposition

In Spanish there is a little specialty with some of the prepositions. The preposition a and the preposition de fusewith the masculine article to al and del. The reason for this is actually laziness, because it is faster and easier to say del and al than to say de el and a el.

Meaning: If you have a sentence that would be like

Él va al (a el) jardín. He goes into the garden.
La empresa recibe dinero del (de el) gobierno. The company receives money from the government.
La luz del (de el) sol. The light of the sun.
La calle al (a el) jardín. The street to the garden.

You just need to remember these two (luckily you'll need them quite often so it will be easy to remember). This never happens with feminine articles, and this never happens with other prepositions.

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