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  3.8 Some important prepositions

Prepositions are words of relationships, meaning that they are indicating which the relationship is between the objects. I write a letter with a pen. I do this in my break. He is in the garden. To get started we'll have a look at some of the most important ones. The whole bunch you'll find in chapter 12.

  con = with

Hablo con él. I speak with him.
Escribo la carta con el bolígrafo. I write a letter with a pen.
  Tomo un café con leche. I take a coffee with milk.
  Tú puedes hablar con él. You can talk with him.

  en = in

 Estoy en la ciudad. I am in the city.

  El bolígrafo está en la caja.
The pen is in the box.
  Los cigarillos están en el cenicero. The cigarettes are in the ashtray.

  mientras = while (conjunction, a connection between two pars of sentence)

  Mientras ella come, él escribe una carta. While she eats he writes a letter.
 Ella lee un libro, mientras él tiene que   escribir una carta. She reads a book while he has to write a letter.
  Mientras las muchachas hablan, los   muchachos trabajan. While the girls talk the boys work

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