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  3.9 Negation

The negation of Spanish sentences is pretty simple. Take the word no and put it in front of the verb that you want to negate.

Yo compro la casa = I buy the house.
Yo no compro la casa = I do not buy the house.

In English there is still the modal verb to be used before the not and the main verb. No need to worry about them. Just take the no, put it in front of the main verb and that's it.

  Some little specialties are to be taken into consideration
  with the words nadie, nunca or tampoco
  only in with   certain word order the no is
  used before the verb;   with the simple
  word order it is like in English
 nadie = nobody
 nunca = never
 tampoco = not ... either

  Nadie quiere comprar la casa.
  La casa no la quiere comprar nadie.
 Nobody wants to buy the house.

 Nobody wants to buy the house.

  Nunca recibe dinero.
  No recibe nunca dinero.
 He never receives money.

 Never has he received money.

  Él tampoco sabe hablar español.
  Él no sabe español tampoco.
 He doesn't speak Spanish either.

 He doesn't speak Spanish either.

As also in English you can use more negation words, which won't get you plusses in style. But the sentence will always stay a negative one. In math you can take two minuses and you'll have a plus, here you still have a minus.

  No habla con nadie.

 He does not talk to nobody
 sinngemäß: Er spricht mit niemand.

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