15.3.2 With prepositions referring larger contexts

A bit more interesting is the construction with prepositions and lo que or lo cual. Also in English these kind of constructions sound a bit difficult. Usually one would change the word order to avoid something like that.

   lo que or lo cual with a preposition

Se quebró una pierna, por lo cual no pudo ir de vacaciones.
= He broke a leg because of which (that) he couldn't go on vacations. (He broke a leg and therefore he couldn't go on holidays.)

El trabajaba mucho, por lo cual se hizo un hombre rico.
= He worked a lot because of which (that) he turned out to be a rich man. (He worked a lot and therefore he turned out to be a rich man)
Ella era muy hermosa, por lo cual todo el mundo la quería.
= She was very pretty for which (that) everyone loved her. (She was very pretty and therefore everyone loved her.)

  Some more examples with more prepositions

Pagó todo, con lo cual el problema fue resuelto.
= He paid everything what solved the problem. (with that the problem was solved)

Se permitió todo, por lo cual perdió todos sus amigos.
= He took all the freedom for which he lost all his friends. (therefore he lost all his friends)
Lo busqué por toda la ciudad, por lo cual ni siquiera fuiste agradecido.
= I searched the whole town for which you weren't even grateful. (and you weren't even grateful for that)
Le di el dinero, por lo que ni siquiera me agradeció.
= I gave him money for what he didn't even say thanks. (and he didn't even say thanks)

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