8.9 Formation of passive voice with reflexive verbs

  In Spanish it is quite usual to use reflexive verbs as passive voice

Estaban invitadas las mujeres. = The women were invited
Se invitaban las mujeres. = The women were invited. (direct translation: The women invited themselves.)

Mucho dinero fue gastado. = A lot of money was spent.
Se gastó mucho dinero. = A lot of money was spent. (direct translation: A lot of money spent itself.)

La casa fue vendida. = The house was sold.
Se vendió la casa. = The house was sold. (direct translation: The house sold itself.)

Las casas fueron vendidas. = The houses were sold.
Se vendieron las casas. = The houses were sold. (direct translation: The houses sold themselves.)

Those constructions might sound a bit funny but they are real and living language.

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