4.18 The personal direct object (acusativo) with a

We've had a look at the direct object and found that it actually only differs from English if there is a pronoun (see chapter 4.5).

I see the house.
He sees the sun
We buy the house. .
Veo la casa. = Yo la veo.
Él ve
el sol. = Él lo ve.
la mesa. = La comramos.

At a closer look we'll find the issue a bit more complicated. If the direct object (acusativo) is a person or a personality (the dog, that's more like a child; death, which is associated with a person) then the direct object gets the preposition a.

  direct object with a with persons

I see Jorge. Veo a Jorge.
I do not see my dog. No veo a mi perro.
  No teme a la muerte.

  see a comparison

I see the table.

Veo la mesa. (normal direct object)
I see Juan. Veo a Juan. (personal direct object)
We see the house. Vemos la casa. (normal direct object)
We see Maria. Vemos a Maria. (personal direct object)

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