19.2.3 Expression of dates with years

In English the years before the year 2000 were read in centuries. In Spanish the year is to be read like a normal number.


He was born March 13, 1948.

correct: He was born March thirteen in nineteen (hundred) forty eight
incorrect: He was born March thirteen in thousand nine hundred forty eight

Since the turn of the century this system has been changed to the one reading the figure itself.


He was born May 15, 2002.

correct: He was born May fifteen two thousand and two.
incorrect: He was born May fifteen twenty hundred and two.

As just mentioned the Spanish has always used the number (not the century) to express years in dates.


He was born 14 May 1973.
Nació el 14 de mayo de 1973
He was born forteenth May nineteen seventy three.
Nació el catorce de mayo de mil novecientos setenta y tres.


He was born 28th of April 2002.
Nació el 28 de abril de 2002.
He was born twenty eighth of April in two thousand and two.
Nació el veintiocho de abril de dos mil dos.

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