18.7 Exercise (ordinal numbers)

Translate the following sentences with "real" ordinal numbers. The examples intend to be as realistic as possible.

  from English to Spanish

He was the first
who did it.

She was the first
who went.

They were the first (men)
who paid.

They were the first (women)
who went into the water.

He was the first man
on the moon.

She was the first woman
who received the Nobel Price.

They were the first men who
left for Australia by boat.

The first woman
who protested were from Bolivia.

The first (women), who refused to do it, needed courage.
The first (men) didn't have money.
The eighth house from the left I like.
The eighth (man) didn't feel like it.
The seventh (woman) was blond.
The seventh house from the left.
The 21st anniversary of the Cuban

The 21st woman.
500th anniversary of the discovery of America was celebrated.
She was the 125th woman on the list.
In the ninth round he had an

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