Translate the following sentences.

  from English to Spanish

The car costs
12,345 €.
Berlin has
3,391,935 inhabitants.

345 people died in
an accident.

In Germany there are
4,354,334 people unemployed.

I have bought 150 kg of
flour this morning.

The library has
10,789 books.

He earns 2456 €..
In a cigarette box there are
21 cigarettes.

On the boat there were
1340 people when it sank.

This company produces
156,322 cars per day.

On the table there are
52 oranges, one for every one.

In Europe 40 languages are

In Southern America 65 autochthon languages are spoken beside Spanish and Portuguese.
The tables costs 2,532 €.
He paid 3,451 Dollar.
This is 51 years ago.
He is 1,82 m tall..
They harvested 32 tons of

The demonstration attended
approx. 3 Million people.

In the town there are
1,345 houses.

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