17.5 ponerse

Ponerse is a verb that could be translated with to put oneself (into a state of...). The change that is described is not lasting, not definite. Volverse describes a definite, lasting change vs. ponerse which describes only temporary changes.

The result of ponerse is described with estar (because of temporary state).
The result of volverse is described with ser (because of definite state, inherent feature)

Ponerse and volverse are similar in the way that both kind of changes described are not influenced or wanted by the subject the change is happening to.

Ponerse is used only with adjectives! (in contrary to volverse)

Se ha vuelto loco -> Es loco ahora = He became crazy. = Now he is crazy (and is a mental case)
Se puso nervioso -> Está nervioso = He became nervous. = He is nervous now (but in a few hours everything is back to normal)

  Examples ponerse = to become, to put oneself into a state of

Se pone muy nervioso.
= He became nervous.

He became more stubborn every time.
Cuándo le dije que su coche está roto, se puso tan enojado que no se le podía explicar nada.
= When I told him that his car was broken down, he became so angry that it could not be explained to him anymore.
Se puso muy triste al enterarse que habían cortado el árbol.
= He became very sad when he heard that they had cut the tree.
Se puso tan testarudo que era inútil discutir más.
= He became so stubborn that it was senseless to continue the discussion.
Se puso tan pesado que tuvimos que ponerle a la puerta.
= He became so annoying that we had to put him behind the door.
Se pusieron tan arrogantes, que no se les podía soportar más.
= They became so arrogant that you could not stand it anymore.
Se pusieron pálidos y furiosos.
= They became pale and furious.
Cuando supimos que yo había aprobado el examen y él no, se puso envidioso.
= When we heard that I had passed the exam and he did not, he became envious.
Comió y bebió y su corazón se puso alegre.
= He ate and drank and his heart became happy.
A pesar de esto, el faraón se puso terco y no les hizo caso.
= Despite everything, the Pharaoh became stubborn and did not listen to them.

  some common phrases

Se pusieron en marcha. = They set off.

Se pusieron de acuerdo. = They agreed.
Se pusieron al día. = They put themselves up to date.
Se puso de moda. = It became fashionable.
Se pusieron a llorar. = They started to cry.
Se pusieron en contacto. = They got in contact.
Se puso en práctica. = It was put to practice.

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