17.14 Exercise (verb of changes)

Translate the following sentences. Keep in mind that there are more than one solution depending on what the meaning the person actually wants to say. If you have a different solution than the one suggested just check with Google whether there is your sentence to be found. If searching for a whole sentence in Google you need to put the phrase into quotes. Diacritical marks and capitals are not respected in Google. It doesn't change the result if you enter "Se volvió loco" or "Se volvio loco".

  from English to Spanish

When he received the message, he got pale.

Through hard work he achieved to
become president.

He became a teacher because it was
the easiest for him

If he continues this way he
will get crazy.

I don't know what's wrong with him
he got so very strange.

Ich weiss nicht, was mit ihm los ist, er ist so merkwürdig geworden.

He became a widower by the death of his wife.

When they woke up
they became sad.

The investors became nervous and some course fell.

How could Anthrax become the topic of the day?

It became clear that the plan could
not be realised.

In connection with the assassination, 10 people were (resulted) injured.

Milk turns to cheese.
Wine turned into water.
The Romans got crazy.
The followers of Jesus became obsessed.

How we became what we are.
His new friends became a kind of family substitute.

It became clear that their new friends were much better than the ones before.

It turned out that the ones that I thought were my friends were my hangmen.

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