15.9 Exercise (conjunctions)

Translate the following sentences
  from English to Spanish
Now that you are rich,
you can buy me a new car.
Provided that he knows it
he will tell us.

Always when he is in a bad mood he hits his wife.
I do not know when he comes
but until he does
we can do what we like.

He does it that you can learn something.
He stole my wallet without me
noticing it.

As soon as he paid me
I go.
Even though he has achieved everything he is unhappy.
He told me neither that he has bought a car nor that he was fired.
Even if he studies 20 hours per day he will not pass the exam.
Although he studied 20 hours per day he didn't pass the exam.
Even if he had studied 20 hours per day, he wouldn't have passed the exam.
He didn't only lied to me
but he also insulted me.
As soon as he had the money he left.
As long as he is in a bad mood it is better to leave him in peace.
While you think
we prepare the food.

As much as he studies
he won't pass the exam.
He had forgotten the phone number so that he could not call him.
Until they repaired the roof I
do not pay my rent.

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