15.8 Exercise (relative clauses)

translate the following sentences

  from English to Spanish

The coffee that is on the table
is for you.
The (female) friend of my father who is now in Spain has a lot of money.
This is the woman
I go to Spain with.

The (female) friend of my father, from whom I lent the car yesterday, has a lot of money.
He thinks that it is good always to tell the truth, which is sometimes a big stupidity.
He is the man of whom
I have sat opposite.
These are the women I have seen at the beach this morning.
The man that you see
is a thieve.

The men that you see
are bakers.

He didn't tell us
what we wanted to know.
This is the house that my
brother owns.
He didn't tell us anything that could have been useful for us.
This is the woman
whose son died.
This is the house of which the windows have to be repaired.
This is the bicycle that
my father owns.
This is the man through whose stupidity we lost everything.
These are the women
whose men get drunk.
What country is it in whose capital is the Brandenburg Gate?
The war broke out what made it impossible to leave the country.

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