14.7 Exercise (conjunctions)

Translate the following sentences

  from English to Spanish

Juan as well as Maria have passed the exam.

Neither Juan nor Maria have passed the exam.

Although he works a lot
he doesn't earn much money.

Although he doesn't have money
he buys a car.

Even if he had money
he wouldn't buy a car.

Always when he has nothing to do
he annoys somebody.

Under the condition that he has nothing to do he accompanies you.

It is more expensive than I thought.
This is more expensive than it looks.
It's a good car but it takes a lot of gasoline.

Since he doesn't want to do it
we won't do it.

Now that we are in Spain
we could go to a Zarzuela.

After he had written the letter
he went to the post office.

As long as you do what she wants
she leaves you alone.

As long as you watch TV
I go shopping.

Since he had an accident
he doesn't have a car.

Be it that he hasn't money, be it that he doesn't like it, in any case he doesn't buy it.

They can visit me as often
as they like.

If nobody is home now
we leave.

Whether I die of sorrow or they kill me, I do not mind.

In times of crises money is as important as friends.

The plane flew over the roof
of our house.

Even with the risk that
I loose my job I will tell him.

Even if he doesn't agree
he'll do it.

While we didn't win
we still had fun.

Caused by the actual economical situation, the unemployment

If we work and talk less,
we'll achieve it.

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