14.6 gustar

The Spanish verb gustar - to like is a bit complicated. The verb gustar is not conjugated like the most other verbs.

I like (a mi) me gusta(n)
you like (a ti) te gusta(n)
he, she likes (a él, a ella) le gusta(n)
we like (a nosotros) nos gusta(n)
you like (a vosotros) vos gusta(n)
they like (a ellos) le gusta(n)

The idea here is that the person (I, you, he, she, we, you, they) is not the subject in those sentences, but they are indirect objects (dativo). The subject in these sentences is the object that is liked. According to the number of this object the conjugation is gusta (singular) or gustan (plural).

La casa me gusta.          = I like the house.
Las casas me gustan.      = I like the houses.
La casa le gusta.       = He likes the house.
Las casas le gustan.       = He likes the houses.

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