14.1 Conjunctions - an introduction

Conjunctions are those little words that connect words, word groups and sentences. Conjunctions are for instance: and, or, if, even if, as well as, when, neither ... nor, either ... or etc. etc. Most of the conjunctions can be translated 1:1 into English (and of course back to Spanish). In this respect conjunctions are quite easy.

But (there is always a but) some of the conjunctions change their meaning depending on which mode (indicativo or subjuntivo) is used.

  Connecting adjectives

He is stupid and arrogant.
He is either tired or aggressive.
We are neither too big nor too small.

  Connecting nouns

I want an apple and a pear.
She wants a coffee with milk or a latte macchiato..
He doesn't want neither this house nor that.

  Connecting word groups

The elegant dress and the sparkling rubies, he was impressed.
He is either ill with Alzheimer or extremely stupid.

  Connecting sentences

Didn't he read the book or did he really forget everything?
He read a book and listened to music.

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