13.11 Exercise (adverbs and comparative)

Translate the following sentences.

  from English to Spanish

Berlin is far away from Madrid.

I do not have money therefore I can't go on holiday.

Normally he has breakfast at eight a.m.
The bullet flew over his head.

Suddenly he fainted.

Why are you so stubborn?
She sat down opposite of me.
If you want to do it this way, then do it.

If you do not come right now I go.

A year ago he didn't even have something to eat now he is rich.

If you do not do it right now you'll never do it.

It was clear beforehand that he can't pay.

This machine can even speak.

He is still alive.

If you are by chance in the area you can come by my house.

We should have at least informed them.

Behind the house is a lake.
He sits in front of the fireplace.
He asked shyly for a cigarette.

Behind the cow is a dog.

The book is under the table.
Do it for me as soon as possible.
It is quite improbable that he knows.
Whether he comes or not we do not mind.
Her dress is not as long as yours is.
There are more women than men.
There are less horses than birds.
He is as clever as he is.
He may not be as intelligent as you are but more hardworking.
He is more hardworking that you are, but above all he is not as arrogant.
That doesn't serve him any good.

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