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Exercises Level 3: Music

  Biographies of the group Letras Vivas

The group Letras Vivas                         

The group was founded in 2001. The name, Letras Vivas (living letters) is their program: to put poetry to music, partly own texts (like here), partly texts of other poets. The band gives conterts mostly in Mexico City.

The ensemble consists of Angel Hernández Blaz, Miroslava Rodríguez Martínez, Jaime Morales Palma, Saul Álvarez Herrera.

Miroslava Martínez Rodríguez                                                 
  born in 1980 in Mexico / Stadt
Studies of audio technics 1998 - 2003
(Instituto Politécnico Nacional,
diploma: Ingeniería en Comunicaciones y Electrónica) Studies of vocal music 1999 - 2008 (Conservatorio Nacional de Música, Abschluss: Licenciatura en Canto de Ópera)
First CD in 2003 with the band Letras Vivas,
many shows, e.g. Festival de Música (Havana), with Coro Nacional de Música in Bogotá, Eros y Tanatus (Mexico), Auftritte im mexikanischen Radio (Trova with Letras Vivas) Teacher of vocal music

Angel Hernández Blaz                                                

Angel Hernández Blaz, guitar:
Study of music (guitar) at Conservatorio
Nacional de Música.
Performs with different bands on different theatres in Mexico, among others with music from Baroque and Renaissance Music
Specialized formation "La gallarda" under the lead of Javier Hinojosa.

Saul Álvarez Herrera                                              

Saul Álvarez Herrera,
vocal, percussion: member of various bands with different orientations, like Canto Libre, Los Charcas or Canto a Contraluz.
Besides percussion he also plays typical South-American string instruments like Charango, Cuatro Venezolano, Vihuela and Tiple.

Jaime Morales Palma                                             

Jaime Morales Palma,
vocal, guitar, Kena: He mainly plays in bands that are specialized in music of the Andes mountains like Canto Libre, Ixbalanqué and Cuyapiqué
He plays practically all typical wind instruments for this
Music style, like Kena, Zikus and Travers Flute.

Ruben Oliveira Cordoba und Juan Carlos Oliveira                                             

Music and Text of the songs

Canción de Piratas
Vamos, Cuentame viejo
Yo sigo viviendo aquí
Ella no es mentira
Soñar que estás aquí
Que no pare el viento
Y siempre amarte