9.4.3 Exercise (use of subjuntivo)

Translate the following sentences

  from English to Spanish

It is possible
that he comes.

Even if he works a lot,
he will not earn much money.

I don't believe
that he takes it.

There is nobody
who sells it.

There is nobody
who has seen him.

I don't believe
that he has read it.

We do not believe
that you write the letter.

They demand
that you pay more.

He wants
that you work more.

We hope
that he stays.

As soon as he is here
I ask him.

It's unlikely
that he didn't notice.

I hope he pays.
As long as he didn't pay
I do not give it to him.

I would prefer,
if you told me the truth.

They want
that we do not smoke anymore.

I would prefer
if you wrote with a pencil.

I would have preferred
if you had told me.

They want
that we go home.

Even though he doesn't write me a letter he will send me money.

Although he didn't write me a letter
he sent me money.

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