9.1.9 Subjuntivo in relative clauses that express desires

If the relative clause expresses a desire it is to be put in subjuntivo. This again is grounded on the basic rule: if something is not real, an expression of doubt, desire, intent or fear the subjuntivo is to be used.

Busca una mujer que sea guapa, rica, amable y joven.
= He looks for a woman that is beautiful, rich, loveable and young.

Explanation: The relative clause expresses a wish, a desire.

Necesito un coche que no necesite gasolina.
= I need a car that doesn't need any gas.

Explanation: The relative clause expresses a wish, or better a dream.

as a comparison: Necesito ese coche, que corre a 300 km la hora.
= I need the car that goes at 300 km per hour.

Explanation: It is a fact that I need that car and the car is a certain, real car.

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