9.1.4 Subjuntivo after verbs of desire, recommendation, advice, demand, request

  querer = to want

Quiero que lo tomes. = I want that you take it.

  esperar = to wait, to expect

Espero que lo hagas. = I expect you to do it.

  aconsejar = advise

Te aconsejo que lo compres. = I advise you to buy it.

  exigir = demand

Exigimos que se vaya. = We demand that he goes.

  obligar = to oblige

Me obligaron que lo hiciera. = They obliged me to do it.

   insistir = to insist

Insistieron que pagáramos nosotros. = They insisted that we paid.

  preferir = to prefer

Prefieren que lo escriba él. = They prefer that he writes it.

  recomendar = to recommend

Os recomienda que no le esperéis. = He recommends you that you do not wait for him.

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