7.5 Exercise (indefinido, imperfecto, perfecto)

  Listen to the words and repeat them

mirar = to look at
demasiado = to much
hoy = today
hoy día = this day
la película = film
por la mañana = morning
por la tarde = afternoon
por la noche = evening, night
quebrar = to break
pierna = leg
quebrarse una pierna = to break a leg

  Translate the following sentences into Spanish

He worked and lived a long time in Paris.
She looked him in the eyes and left.
I ate too much today.
Yesterday we went to a restaurant to eat Paella.

In the morning we went to the beach, we ate ice cream at noon and in the evening we watched a film.

Pedro broke a leg,
now he is in hospital.

They were startled when they received the message.
Did you know,
that he went to Spain?

This morning I have bought a car, now I do not have any money left..

Thomas Mann slept, when the phone rang and he got to know that he received the Nobel Price for literature.

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