Table of contents Chapter 6 6.9 Exercise (indefinido and imperfecto)

Chapter 6: Tenses

  6.9 Exercise (differentiation indefinido and imperfecto)
Translate the following sentences into Spanish

  Decide whether to use pretérito indefinido and pretérito imperfecto
  He surprised me with his answer
  I always ate Paella.
  He called me on Sunday.
  He called me every Sunday.
  He couldn't go to school
  because he was ill.
  The glass fell down from the table.
  She read a book when he came in through   the door.
  The car crashed into the wall.
  He wasn't rich but content.
  He wrote me a letter yesterday.
  He wrote me a letter yesterday,
  while he was listening to music.
  Alexander cut the knot
  with his sword.