Table of contents Chapter 6 6.1 Tenses - an introduction

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Chapter 6: Tenses

  6.1 Tenses - an introduction

There are some challenging aspects in Roman languages - as also in Spanish. One is the differentiation between ser and estar, one is subjunctive and finally, yet importantly are the order of tenses. Nevertheless as somebody who is just taking the task of learning a language have a look at the bright side: If using the wrong tense will usually not inhibit that you are understood. Same in English: Imagine your Hispanic neighbour who sits in his little restaurant and tells you: I was living here since two years. Doesn't sound perfect but you'll know what he means. Only with practice you'll find perfectionism and at some place you'll have to start.

In addition, it is not to forget - it's not all the tenses are different from English, but only the past tenses. Probably you'll wonder why the Spanish has more past tenses than English does and what are they good for? The different aspects how long does an action take, is it completely finished, is it parallel to another action and other questions play important roles in the Spanish grammar. First let's have a look what English offers before we start to burrow into the Spanish labyrinth (which it actually isn't - you'll see!).

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