3.11 Exercise (prepositions, personal pronouns, verbs II)

Translate the following sentences:

  from English to Spanish

We eat fish.
I write the book.
You eat the carrot.
We eat the onions.
You sell the house.
He buys the chair.
We sell the table.
The dog sees the horse.
The horse eats the carrot.
The girl reads the book.
The men can (are able to) write. *
The dogs see the horses.
We want the table.
You (all) write the book.

* In the meaning that at the moment there is nothing that impeds them to write.

  from English to Spanish

We receive a chair.
You (all) sell some houses.
You eat some carrots.
He writes a letter.
We write a book.
You (all) receive a gift.
He writes a letter.
The pens are in the box.

The coffee is hot.
Juan is big (stout).

I read a book while you work.

The men smoke some cigarette while the kids eat chocolate.

Germans don't drink wine,
they drink beer.

Maria is not big, she is slim.
The gipsies do not eat sausages.
They want to buy a car.
We are going to buy shoes.
You (all) can go to town.

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