21.1 Future tenses - an introduction

The future tenses in Spanish are very much alike the English ones. There are two forms of future the future I and the be-going-to future.

  Example of English future tenses

future I:
I will go to Italy next month.
He will buy my car and I will be rich.
We will invite them.

be-going-to future:
I am going to go to Italy tomorrow.
He is going to buy my car and I am going to be rich.

We are going to invite them.

The Spanish has also two forms of future tenses future I and ir + a + infinitive - form.

  Example of Spanish future I

simple future I:
Te lo diré.
= I will tell you.
Lo comprará. = He will buy it.
Les invitaremos. = We will invite them.

ir + a + inifinitve:
Te lo voy a decir. = I am going to tell you.
Lo va a comprar. = He is going to buy it.
Les vamos a invitar. = We are going to invite them.

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