21.1.4 Future tense I as expression of uncertainty

The simple future I can be used also to express uncertainty.

  as we know from this very well known song

Qué será, qué será, qué será.
Qué será de mi vida, qué será
Si sé mucho o no sé nada,
ya mañana se verá y será, será lo que será.

What will be will be
what will be with my live will be
If I know much or do not know nothing
tomorrow we'll see
and what will be will be.


¿Qué sabrá un puerco de aviones? Nada!
= What does a pig know about airplanes? Nothing! (What will a pig know)
¿Qué hará él en Francia?
= What might he do in France? (What he will do?)

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