20.3 shall

If we think about it shall has many functions:

  1) Future

I shall be 25 next summer.
Shall we open the window?

  2) Promise, order, threat

You shall have your money back by the end of next week.
He shan't have another cent from me.
They shall keep very quiet otherwise I will show them!

  3) Suggestions

He suggested that we should go to the movies.
they agreed that a new library should be founded.

  4) Conditional

I should be very glad if you could help me.
They shouldn't have been late if they had started earlier.

  5) Impersonal phrases

It's pity that you should misunderstand him.
It's strange that this should happen.
Is it really necessary the she should come as well?

Only some of these uses has the verb deber

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