20.25.5 Exercise (conjunctions - chapter 14)


Although he cannot read nor write,
he is happy.
As long as he is not here, we can
do whatever we like.

While you are lazy, I have to work.
I do not know how to do it and
besides I do not want to know.
Under the condition that he
leaves the company I'm willing to invest money.

Be it that he does not understand or
that he does not want to understand in any case he does not do what he should.

Even if he knew, he would not
tell us.
On the one side, inflation is positive because the debits get smaller, on the other side it's bad because money looses its value.
He stole my wallet without me
noticing it.
He did it without telling me.
Even with the risk that he dies,
they willl operate him.

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