20.25.3 Exercise (prepositions - chapter 10)



She sat opposite of me and my heart
stopped beating.

Come down!
The city that you can see down there is Granada!

Look up
do you see the plane there?

At the top of the government there is a man that doesn't know anything about economy.
The robbers escaped across (over) the bridge.
He did it only because of the money.
We go from Berlin via Bamberg to

The crowd started towards the royal palace.
He only learnt Spanish through his girlfriend who was Spanish.
Except for him every one passed
the exam.

He lives near Freeburg.
Close to my apartment there are a lot of pubs.
During mess service one should not speak.
How much have you paid for the car?
For whom you do this?
I'll go to the swimming pool this afternoon.


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