20.23 Exercise (tener que, deber, hay que)


He was injured so gravely that
he had to be operated.

He would have to be operated then he would have survived.
Animals should not be treated as if they wouldn't feel the pain.
He would have had to be quiet
then all this would not have
You should see this movie.
You don't have to tell him if you
don't want to.
You shouldn't tell him he does
know too much anyway.
He says that you should try it if
if you do not like it you do not have to buy it.
If you want to earn much money
you have to work a lot.
When it's hot
one has to drink a lot.
The man who stands over there,
it must be him.
One has to believe him, there are no
He should be told.
You shall not offend him.
You shall wash your hair.
You have to be cleaned.

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