19.2.1 Expressions of date with prepositions

The dates with preposition do not differ too much from the English system:

  Examples with el

Tengo cumpleaños el 21 de julio. = My birthday is the 21st of July. (I have my birthday July the 21st)
El primero de mayo es un día de fiesta.= The first of May is a public holiday.
Tienes que reservar el 18 de octubre para mí.
= You have to make my reservation on the 18th of October.

Is the date used in connection with a preposition, the basic form is used (with the article el, which refers to the months [= masculine]). If the preposition is de or a then they are merged to del and al.

  Example with el and del

A partir del quince de agosto estaré de vacaciones.
= From the 15th of August, I will be on vacation.
Hasta el veintiuno de julio todo tiene que estar terminado.
= Until the 21st of July, everything has to be finished.
Desde el doce de julio hasta el treinta de agosto no estoy en la oficina.
= From the twelfth of July until the 30th of August, I am not in the office.
Después del veintidós de mayo no haré nada.
= After the 22nd of May, I will not do anything.
No va a venir antes del 28 de febrero.
= Before the 28th of February he will not come.

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