18.1.8 Before cien and mil there is no un

  In English sometimes we say one hundred, one thousand; not in Spanish!

one thousand men = mil hombres (incorrect: un mil hombres)
one hundred women = cien mujeres (incorrect: un cien mujeres)

but: one hundred and fifty thousand is ciento cincuenta y un mil. There is no billion in Spanish. It is said thousand millions. = mil millones
615.000.000.000 = seiscientos quince mil millones
421.328.576.432 = cuatro cientos veintiún mil trescientos veintiocho millones quinientos setenta y seis mil cuatro cientos treinta y dos

  but there is a trillion called billón = un billón
2.582.345.233.125 = dos billones quinientos ochenta y dos mil trescientos cuarenta y cinco millones doscientos treinta y tres mil ciento veinticinco

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