16.12 Exercise

Translate the following phrases

  from English to Spanish

Which of these do you like best,
the green or the blue one?

In which of these bowls is rice?
Which fruit do you like best (tastes best?)

How many oranges do you want?
a: How is the weather?
b: It's hot.
What is in this pan?
What kind of wood do you need?
What color has the curtain?
How much flour do you need to bake a cake?

How many plates are on the table?
How many litres of water fit into this bucket?

How much money do you need?
How does it smell?
How is it possible that you do not know it?

How many kilometres are there from Berlin to Munich?

Where does the wine on the table come from?

Where do you go to on vacation?
In how many buckets is water left?

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