15.1 relative clauses - an introduction

A relative clause gives more precise information on the main clause. Object of this more precise information can be the subject, the object or the whole context. The relative clause is connected to the main clause by a relative noun.

  some relative clauses that refer to one object

The lady who sells flowers is my friend.
The book that you where looking for is under the table.
The man whom we met in London is a web designer.
The garden that you like so much is right around the corner.
The wall behind which you hear the noises is painted black.
The place where he was born didn't exist anymore.

  some relative clauses that refer to a context

He didn't write a letter to her what made everything more complicated.
They ate as if they hadn't had any food for weeks.
He had shouted at her what made her really angry.
She had deceived him what made him loose his temper.

Now let's have a look what the Spanish does with this matter.

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