12.9 ante, antes, delante de

ante means the face of something
antes means before in a timely sense
delante means before or in front of in a local sense
   ante= in the face of something

Ante la muerte los hombres suelen tener miedo.
= In the face of death men are usually afraid.
Ante la muchedumbre, se desanimó.
= In the face of the crowd he lost his heart.
Ante el peligro, se quedo tranquilo.
= In the face of the danger he stayed calm.

  antes = before (in a timely sense)

Quiero que estés en casa antes de las diez.
= I want you to be home before ten.
¿Me lo dices antes de que venga él?
= Do you tell me before he comes?
¿No habrías podido decirmelo antes?
= Couldn't you have told me before?

  delante de = in front of

Mi coche esta aparcado delante de la casa.
= My car is parked in front of the house.
Delante de la tienda hay un hombre raro.
= In front of the shop, there is a strange guy.
Las gafas están delante de tus ojos.
= The glasses are in front of your eyes.

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