12.36 Exercises (prepositions)

Translate the following sentences

  from English to Spanish

What do you think of him?

Do you think that he did it
for her?

I have parked my car in front of the house.

In the courtyard there is a tree.
The school is across the street opposite to my house.

Next to my house there is a fabric.
Behind our house there is a

He was sentenced because of homicide.
Do not condemn him, he's still very young.

If they had sentenced him because of homicide, he would have to go to prison for 15 years.

We go towards Berlin.

If we had gone to Berlin,
we could have visited you.

I heard about his death through the newspaper.

It's been three weeks that he arrived.

I have lived here for
three years.

I have lived here since 1975.
They came by plane.
We went to Freeburg by bike.

He came on horseback.
Without glasses he doesn't see a thing.
In the lead of the government is the president.

The lighter is on the table.
They did it without asking him.
I heard from him.
What are you thinking of?
The bird flew over the house.
The plane flew through the bridge.

I do not mind, he can do what he wants.

To buy a house you need money.

It doesn't make a difference for him.

We made it in a hurry.
The electricity flows through the line.

Bayreuth is between Berlin and Munich.

According to the government there is no inflation.
It's been 15 days that I haven't heard from him.
Through the internet everyone has access to every kind of information.
Behind you stands a little child.
All except him were invited.
In the same degree the economical situation gets worse, it destabilises also the democracy.
We had a walk along the

Within a year he'll earn so much money that he can buy a house.
He lives in a little village near

Drunk of words
he fought for is homeland.

When she heard what he spends the money for, she didn't give him any anymore.

What for do you need this?
They stayed home because of the cold.
Stupid as he is he won't even notice.

The course starts from zero.
Exactly that's why I do not want to talk to him.

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