12.2 en

  en can mean in, on, to, at

Estoy en el jardín. = I'm in the garden.
Pon la taza en la mesa. = Put the cup on the table.
Díselo en la cara. = Tell him to the face.
En la pared había una foto de una mujer. = At the wall was a foto of a woman.
¿Lo dices en serio o estás bromeando? = You mean this seriously or are you kidding me?
En invierno vamos a Suiza para esquiar. = In winter we go to Switzerland to ski.
En verano suele hacer calor. = In summer it's usually warm.

  I. en used with modes of transportation

In English the most common preposition for modes transportation is by.

He comes by train.
I go by bus to school.
We go by plane to the Carribbean.
She goes by car, while he goes by bike.

In Spanish the preposition of your choice should be en.

Vamos a Italia en coche.
= We go by car to Italy.
Martina ha venido en avión.
= Martina has come by plane.

A horse is not a mode of transportation in the mind of Spanish speaking people (not anymore). Therefore the right preposition is a:

Vinieron a caballo, y guiados por la estrella llegaron al pesebre para adorar al niño.
= They came on horseback, and guided by the star arrived at the crib to admire the child.

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